This full moon is generally considered the most auspicious full moon of the year, known as Guru Purnima in India.

"Most devotees observe fast throughout the day and pray to the presiding deity Lord Vishnu. Only after a whole day of fasting, prayers and a dip in the river do they take light food at dusk.

It is ideal to fast or take light food on full moon and new moon days as it is said to reduce the acidic content in our system, slows down the metabolic rates, increases endurance. This restores the body and mind balance.”

(via budddha)


Neptune is retrograde in Pisces for the next 6 months, from June 9 until November 16, 2014. With Pisces resting comfortably in the Neptune cove, the ultimate oceanic experience accompanies and drenches the inner world highlighted during retrograde.
Neptune rx produce a type of psychic overload for very sensitive people
~ Illusions— whether created for you by others or by yourself— begin to melt away, creative thoughts, imagination and reception take shape. This is a period of increased awareness, a divine saturation with spiritual galaxies and artwork,  The kaleidoscope of the inner universe projects into outer consciousness and turns the world into liquid waves. The split in the horizon bleeds into turquoise and indigo, and its impossible to tell where form stops and symphony begins. What you seek is Neptune seeking you.

The urgency for drugs, alcohol, sexual intimacy and any channel that obliterates reality increases and difficult, internal truths become hard to deny. All the falsities and deceit Neptune has let you sweep under the fog is revealed by the light of retrograde. Rather than laying back and spinning fantasy, we are more inclined to etch internal illustration into the real world and promote manifesting dreams into reality. The 13 moons floating through the florid Neptune cloud generates streams of empathy, compassion and divine love. Neptune dedicates this period to healing the oppressed, impoverished and suicidal.

Neptune is the socialist, and collective human matters are bought to the forefront during this period. Asylum seekers, environmental destruction and poverty become pressing international motivators and impossible to ignore for much longer. The realisation of the starving third world child being one of your own children, and even more, a part of yourself gives rising concern to the welfare of the collective as a whole. This is what is really important, the universal, the ocean, the oneness; and the smallness of ego, greed and corruption dissolves at Neptune’s touch.

 Maybe the Neptune saint will appear in a cloud of intoxicant fog. Neptune retrograde is like an enchantress weaving a spell from within where all we see or think we see is that of a dream within a dream.

(via budddha)